“I fully endorse Devaki’s work. Devaki has exceptional qualities of compassion and empathy, and she works ethically and professionally, using her well-developed creative skills to the benefit of her clients. Devaki brings an interdisciplinary approach to her work, integrating therapeutic movement and sound and she has a strong commitment to fostering the wellbeing of vulnerable families and individuals who are suffering isolation and subsequent mental ill-health. Devaki’s work is particularly valuable in response to difficulties that have been worsened by the current pandemic.” 

Caroline Frizell  UKCP, RADMP, MA, Dip sup SAP 
MA Dance Movement PL Author and Re

“As the director of Stanley Arts in South Norwood, London I worked with Stunflower, and Thomas & Devaki specifically, last year, presenting their live music at an outdoor concert in September 2020. With all the challenges running an arts venue around the pandemic restrictions it was a smooth and professional exchange working with them. Stunflower interacted with the audience with great sensitivity and helped to integrate them into the musical experience, putting everyone at ease. Their music is uplifting, played to a high level of proficiency, and original and engaging for audiences.” 

Dr Daniel Winder 

Venue Director, Stanley Arts

"Devaki uses warmth, compassion and skill to make her classes a safe and nurturing place to be yourself. I loved the connection with the other participants even though we weren’t in the same room. Devaki’s classes are a wonderful experience." 

Noella Mingo

Film-maker, London UK

Participant, Spur-of-the-Moment Movement Sessions

“I have known Devaki for some 5 years as a resident in Sydenham. I met Devaki as part of Sydenham Arts Festival when she was working on the summer programme including a day of fun events and entertainment. Devaki is also a talented performer in her own right having put on music nights at a local bistro.  I am always pleased to attend the evenings as they are usually sold out with very positive feedback from the audience. I would be delighted to work with Devaki again.” 

Cllr Chris Best 

Representing Sydenham 

Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Older People

“I am the artistic director of SLiDE, a leading inclusive dance company based in Croydon. I worked with Devaki in different creative projects over the last few years in the Croydon area. Firstly, while she was launching/managing Ashburton Hall, a local community arts hub presenting artists and teachers. Our interactions were professional and warm, supporting an enjoyable inclusive experience for all involved. I attended Devaki’s graduating ceremonies and performances after completing her MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2020 I engaged Devaki as a musician and composer for in-person and online dance performances. I found her to be a generous, creative and professional artist who delivered on my brief with authenticity and passion. Our work leading up to the performances was creative and inspiring, helping each other realise ideas with passion and vibrancy. 

Owing to the pandemic restrictions we needed to switch mid-project to online presentations and Devaki was able to smoothly transition to this challenging style of working. Despite the limitations of improvising with dancers over Zoom everyone involved was moved by her soulful creations and Devaki was fundamental in helping us to achieve our goal of group connection, exchange and creative expression. 

I also know Devaki through the work she does with her band Stunflower and I find their music to be uplifting, played to a high level of proficiency, original and engaging for audiences. I understand that Devaki is seeking to develop her new venture, Sound & Movement Sanctuary by increasing her course offerings. I offer my full endorsement of her venture especially in the challenging times we are facing. These well-being sessions can help reach vulnerable people and bring them a sense of relief, connection and expression.” 

Gemma Coldicott 

Artistic Director 

SliDe Inclusive Dance Company

“Stunflower's music and energy just make you want to dance and move.. they're amazing.. a true gift to the world!!” 

Carla Fox

Yoga Instructor

The Loft, Alberta, Canada

“Devaki has big visions with big results, strong attention to detail, an outstanding ability to create a strong team around her, plus a connection to all whom she meets. She is an inspiration and a gift in the creativity she brings to the world.” 

Trish Dyck, MAL, ACC 

Graduate Student Team Coaching, Royal Rhodes University 

Vancouver island , Canada

 “Although Devaki and I first worked together when she was my Bharatnatyam dance instructor - she became so much more to me during my time in Vernon than she probably even knows. She is a passionate, talented, insightful and personable dance instructor and choreographer who worked with me on two performances in 2002 and 2003. Training with her - albeit physically straining - has always been such a positive memory for me.”

Raji Aujla

President at Willendorf Culture

“Great teacher, she gives beautiful lessons about Indian dance, I love Odissi dance. Thank you for your teaching 😀” 

Monika Moony 

Dance artist


"I found my soul tribe with Devaki’s great spur of the moment .. our bodies take over it’s great, empowering super charging and relaxing all together . She’s great fun, had great music and knows how to inspire a community.. Being online to me doesn’t make a difference but I can’t wait when we all unite our energies in the real 3D.” 

Gladys San Juan

Participant, Spur-of-the-Moment Movement Sessions

London, UK