5-Week Course Harmony of Rhythm & Voice: An Introductory Therapeutic Journey

5-Week Course: Harmony of Rhythm & Voice: An Introductory Therapeutic Journey

Guided by Devaki Thomas

Week 1: Discovering Rhythm Within

  • Overview of the course and its therapeutic focus
  • Discussion on the role of rhythm in emotional expression
  • Interactive exercise: identifying and feeling personal rhythm
  • Introduction to basic rhythmic patterns
  • Group exercise: rhythmic meditation for grounding and relaxation
  • Group discussion on individual experiences with rhythm

Week 2: Nurturing the Voice

  • Guided exploration of individual vocal qualities
  • Group discussion: sharing personal vocal experiences
  • Journaling activity: reflecting on the journey of discovering one's own voice
  • Connecting emotions to vocal expression
  • Guided voice exercises for emotional release
  • Group sharing and discussion on the therapeutic role of the voice

Week 3: Bridging Rhythm and Voice

  • Integrating rhythm into vocal exercises
  • Connecting breath, rhythm, and voice
  • Partner exercises for rhythmic coordination and collaboration
  • Exploring personal rhythmic preferences in vocalization
  • Improvisational exercises combining rhythm and voice
  • Group activities to enhance rhythmic and vocal creativity

Week 4: Healing Through Expression

  • Introduction to songwriting as a therapeutic outlet
  • Group songwriting exercises: expressing emotions through lyrics
  • Sharing and discussing the emotional impact of created songs
  • Guided storytelling through rhythm and voice
  • Empowering participants to share personal narratives
  • Supportive group discussion and reflection on shared stories

Week 5: Integration and Celebration

  • Review of key rhythm and voice concepts
  • Integration exercises for a final therapeutic experience
  • Group reflection on the transformative journey
  • Final group performance incorporating rhythm and voice
  • Celebration of individual and collective achievements
  • Group discussion on the therapeutic benefits of the course
  • Reflecting on the therapeutic journey
  • Setting personal goals for continued exploration
  • Providing resources for further rhythmic and vocal development