My life's work in the arts from Canada to the UK... 1995 - 2021.. HIGHTLIGHT: The KOmasket Music Festival 2002-2011

The Komasket Music Festival is one of the highlights of my artistic career. An annual 3-day camping festival, located just outside the towne we raised our family, Vernon BC, Canada, founded and directed by myself and my husband Thomas in 2002 - 2011 around our touring recording band, Samsara.  We were asked by an elder, Mollie Bono (RIP), from the local First Nations tribe, the Okanagan Indian Band, to play a concert on the amazing land of Komasket Park.....the Okanagan Nations Powwow Grounds on Okanagan Lake. 

With the help of the local community we grew the festival for 10 years, evolving it to host 4 stages featuring 150 artists, a team of 400 volunteers and staff, 5000 attendees, an impressive vendor alley, vibrant kidszone, healing arts zone, workshops and food market...a cultural village for the weekend. 

Attracting music/dance lovers from every corner and cutting edge artists from across the globe for 3 days of music , dance , art, cultural awareness, community, family, camping, unity and magic. As the land was considered sacred by the local tribe no alcohol was allowed on the premise helping to create a family atmosphere.

My role was producer and director.  - See More Photos HERE

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