SOund & Movement Sanctuary

A Home for Healing ~ Connect...Express...Play...Dance...Breathe...Move...Heal 

What is Sound & Movement Sanctuary?  

A new initiative created by myself, Devaki Anne-Marie Thomas, in October 2020. Sound & Movement Sanctuary offers.... 

~ Movement Psychotherapy, one-to-one & group sessions - Learn More HERE 

~ Workshops in Therapeutic Movement & Sound - Learn More HERE 

~ Online & in-person sessions in Movement, Meditation & Sound - more info HERE

~ Collaborative music/dance projects & performance - more info HERE 

My aim is to create a trusting creative environment where individuals can explore and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and thoughts through moving their body and using sounds in hopes of healing past and present traumas. Sessions I offer in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, Odissi Dance and Rhythm & Voice all feature therapeutic approaches using methods of somatic awareness, attunement, empathic movement and mirroring learned in my 3 years’ training in a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. 

One Love Soul Connection

Beautiful gathering of Kirtan (Sound Meditation) Reggae Dance, Etherial Vocal Explorations, Vegan Food at stunning heritage centre 2 mins from Barons Court Underground, The Study Society aka Colet House.

Happy New Year beautiful souls! I have put together a Video Compilation of 2021 Highlights...hope you enjoy! 

Every Tuesday & Wednesday at Dragon Fly Studios, Sydenham

Please join me for weekly Kirtan: Sound & Voice Meditation sessions at Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Sydenham. Every Tuesday, 8.30pm & every Wednesday at 8pm in Studio 2 -  I have been facilitating these sessions for almost 5 months now and the energy  and growing community feels amazing..participants sharing upliftment, shifting, healing and releasing. full of healing positive releasing vibes! Click Button below to book in...   #dragonflyyogastudio #sydenham #supportlocal      #sydenhamhighstreet #kirtan #soundmeditation #voicemeditation    #harmonium #healing #release #wellness #selfcare #love    #livemusic #movementpsychotherapist #multidisciplinaryartist   #gathering

Welcome to my new space!!  

After years of dreaming I have finally built my own website to share my new venture, Sound & Movement Sanctuary, and my lifetime thus far in the arts! I would be so honoured if you shared a few words of blessings and let me know where you are in the world and what you are up to! 

Much love always 


Movement is Medicine....