SOund & Movement Sanctuary

A Home for Healing ~ Connect...Express...Play...Dance...Breathe...Move...Heal 

What is Sound & Movement Sanctuary?  

An initiative created by Devaki Anne-Marie Thomas, in October 2020. Sound & Movement Sanctuary offers.... 

~ Movement Psychotherapy, one-to-one & group sessions HERE 

~ 5-Week Course: Harmony of Rhythm & Voice: Introductory Therapeutic Journey HERE

~ CREATE 2024 - 1 Day Retreat Cacao, Kirtan, Yin, Nidra at The Shala West Norwood HERE

~ Go Fund Me Campaign to record a Live Kirtan Album in London HERE

~ In-Person Live Kirtan: Sound & Voice Meditation sessions across London HERE

~ Live Music for Dance  HERE 

~ Live Music Performance/Recording group, STUNFLOWER HERE

SMS aims to create a trusting creative environment where individuals can explore and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and thoughts through moving their body and using sounds in hopes of healing past and present traumas. Sessions  offered all feature therapeutic approaches using methods of somatic awareness, attunement, empathic movement and mirroring learned in Devaki's 3 years’ training in a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University of London. 

Join us for this magical 1 day retreat

Transform, Manifest, Release, Express, Rejuvenate to start 2024 in alignment

Help Devaki make a Live Mantra ( KIRTAN) Meditation Album! 

In return you will receive the 9 track album which will help you calm anxiety, connect to your voice, feel unity and connection and release stuck emotions. 

+ other amazing gifts in exchange! 

Bringing amazing musicians together to create an alive, soothing, melodic, rhythmic collection of Mantras. 

New Monthly Workshops Kirtan: Sound & Voice Meditation at The Shala in West Norwood & Croydon Yoga Hub.

Croydon Yoga Hub ~ Sunday 21 January 2024 & Sunday 18 February 2024

The Shala ~ Saturday 3 February 2024 7pm & Saturday 2 March 2024 7pm

Immerse yourself in the transformative practice of Kirtan inspired by ancient traditions rooted in Hindu and Sikh temples. This communal gathering is a profound experience where rhythmic repetition of meaningful Sanskrit mantras leads participants into a harmonious state of body-mind-soul connection, forging a profound communion with the divine.

Movement is Medicine....