SOund & Movement Sanctuary

A Home for Healing ~ Connect...Express...Play...Dance...Breathe...Move...Heal 

What is Sound & Movement Sanctuary?  

A new initiative created by myself, Devaki Anne-Marie Thomas, in October 2020. Sound & Movement Sanctuary offers.... 

~ Movement Psychotherapy, one-to-one & group sessions - Learn More HERE 

~ Workshops in Therapeutic Movement & Sound - Learn More HERE 

~ Online & in-person sessions in Movement, Meditation & Sound - more info HERE

~ Collaborative music/dance projects & performance - more info HERE 

~ Live Music Performance/Recording group, STUNFLOWER - more info HERE

My aim is to create a trusting creative environment where individuals can explore and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and thoughts through moving their body and using sounds in hopes of healing past and present traumas. Sessions I offer in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, Odissi Dance and Rhythm & Voice all feature therapeutic approaches using methods of somatic awareness, attunement, empathic movement and mirroring learned in my 3 years’ training in a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. 

Global Beats Dance Party II at Stanley Arts in South Norwood

Beautiful gathering world grooves, live music by my band Stunflower, with special guests Anoohya on vocals and Yulia La Nova sharing Flamenco/Belly dance to Stunflower's songs. Opening is Carnatic/Caribbean Duo, Pot & Pan + a Mini Breath & Stretch session by The Yoga Mela + Vegan Streetfood + Trinidadian Rum Punch + MCing by Dirish Shaktidas.

Sound & Movement Sanctuary presents.....SPring Soul Shine Wellness Festival & Workshop Series

Super excited to be teaming up with the amazing Nikki Ashley, one of London's most dedicated sensitive 5Rhythms Dance Facilitator

Happy New Year beautiful souls! I have put together a Video Compilation of 2021 Highlights...hope you enjoy! 

Movement is Medicine....